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Next meeting: Wednesday 28 February, 5-6.30pm.   

Location: Avenue House Surgery and online via Microsoft Teams 

Inspire Patient Group

Get to Know Us

The Inspire Patient Group (IPG) is open to all patients of the Inspire Medical Practice (Avenue House Surgery and Hasland Medical Centre).


We support the Practice by conducting surveys and receiving your comments on the care you receive and taking this information into meetings with the Practice team. We then inform you of any changes made in efforts to keep improving on the care offered.

We have other activities described in our web pages all with the purpose of helping patients receive a good quality of care.


Please consider leaving your e-mail with us at:


You will receive our newsletters and be kept up to date on matters that relate to your care.


Attentive Therapist

Mental Health

The IPG is working with the Inspire Practice to try and improve the care that can be offered to patients in the area of mental health. Find out more about what we are doing and read our September 2023 Newsletter.

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